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As much as I’d like to believe I’m an expert on personal branding I always learn that there’s some area I haven’t touched or some base not covered. I recently had a discussion with someone on Twitter who I’ve been connected with for quite some time and it was like they didn’t even know what I do. I thought it would make sense to aggregate a lot of the questions and discussion points from that conversation and several others into this growing list of FAQs about me and my business. Please feel free to add more questions in the comment section around who I am, what I offer, and how I may potentially help you or someone you know. Thank you! I’m a speaker, author, and financial coach whose work has been seen or featured in Business Insider, The Grio, Black Enterprise, Parents Magazine, Thrive Global, Entrepreneur,, and more.

Question: What is financial trauma?

Answer: Financial trauma can be defined as any interaction had or observed that negatively impacts the way you interact with or believe about money.

Question: Who can get or have financial trauma?

Answer: Financial trauma can and often does impact everyone. It’s not limited to individuals who have experienced or are currently experiencing poverty. It can be as simple as bad advice affecting your investing decisions or the way you use credit cards or as sophisticated as an eviction or job loss.

Question: Are you a financial advisor?

Answer: No, I identify as a financial coach who works with clients on their behaviors and mindset around money. Additionally, I focus on financial trauma as a roadblock to financial success. This looks different for every client and there are many conversations had where money isn’t brought up at all.

Question: What is a financial coach?

Answer: A “financial coach” is a broad term that can apply to someone who teaches, advises, and holds accountable their clients around financial goals and behaviors. Typically a financial coach does not sell financial products and has a background or foundational understanding of personal finance products, services, and strategies. Due to the unregulated nature of financial coaching (and coaching in general), anyone can call themselves a coach so it’s important to do your due diligence and work with someone you trust.

Question: What’s the difference between what you do and a financial advisor?

Answer: “Financial advisor” is a broad term that can apply to a variety of licensed financial professionals often with an incentive to sell a particular financial product or service. They require specific training on the sale of those products and are held to regulatory standards that guide that sales process. As a coach, I don’t sell financial products or services. I sell knowledge, experience, education, and accountability.

Question: Are you providing financial instruction with someone whose finances aren’t connected to yours and you’re receiving payment for your time?

Answer: Yes and yes however instruction and education are two different things and often a line that is blurred by financial coaches and influencers.

Question: What’s the difference between instruction and education?

Answer: Instruction is me telling you what you should do with your money. Education is me telling you what you could do with your money. As a coach, it’s my job to empower you to make your own decisions absent of my suggestion.

Question: Doesn’t a coach in a traditional sense provide some level of instruction and guidance?

Answer: Yes, but the guidance doesn’t necessarily need to be tied to financial products and services. Applied to me, it very often isn’t.

Question: What makes you credible to teach or coach on the topic of personal finance?

Answer: I’ve been in the personal finance industry for over a decade. I’m also certified by the NFEC (National Financial Educators Council) as a certified financial education instructor (CFEI) should I decide to provide financial instruction within my client work. I’m also a columnist and author with a variety of contributions to large publications including Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Black Enterprise, CEO World Magazine, Parents, and more all easily accessible via a Google search on my name.

Question: Who do you serve?

Answer: I serve wherever there is a need however my target audience includes Black people and other disenfranchised groups who have been underserved and denied acknowledgment of the systemic, cultural, and historical impact of trauma on their access to and relationship with money.

Question: How can someone get in contact with you?

Answer: I’m active on most social media platforms @RahkimSabree. My website is I’m available via email at .

Question: Is your book available on Amazon?

Answer: Yes, my book(s) are all available on Amazon.

Question: Do you coach individuals, small groups, or offer presentations?

Answer: All of the above. I coach 1x1, small groups, and provide presentations that can be customized for a specific audience (i.e corporate audience, women only, parents, children, low income, etc.)

Question: What are your speaking rates?

Answer: Rates may vary depending on mode and location of delivery, audience size, length of time allotted, etc. Visit my website or send me an email to discuss your needs and I can get you a quote.

Question: What are your coaching rates?

Answer: Rates may vary depending on length of coaching agreement, sales or specials, demand for coaching services, etc. Visit my website or send me an email to get a quote and get started today.

Question: Do you speak on topics other than finance?

Answer: Absolutely. I speak on personal branding, being your authentic self, mindset, and more. Send me an email to see if your topic or theme fits my background and I’ll get back to you right away.



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